We offer diverse range of real life working environments to gain experience in

If you have a keen interest in the growing of crops or farm animals, then you could join the one million people already working in the agricultural sector.

Your work is likely to change with the seasons, and you will have to be prepared to work in all weather conditions and with modern technology-based equipment, but if you are physically fit, have excellent practical and communication skills and thrive on variety, then you’ll be a great success working in this industry.

Agriculture 2020 2

Part-time courses

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Courses we offer

Level 2 Intermediate

Agriculture Intermediate Level 2 (find out more)

Level 3 Advanced

Agriculture Advanced Level 3 (find out more)


Agriculture Foundation Degree (FdSc) Level 5 (find out more)

BSc (Hons)

Agriculture BSc – top-up from FdSc (find out more)

What will I be doing?

Course Overview

Course Structure & Expectations

Your full-time Further Education course will consist of a study programme. This means that alongside your industry-recognised qualification, you’ll also study English and maths and improve your personal and employability skills. In short, your study programme will provide you with:

  • A nationally-recognised qualification
  • English and maths skills
  • Work experience
  • Personal development skills
  • Study skills
  • Employability skills

Our Higher Education programmes can be studied either full-time for two days per week or part-time one day per week. Teaching methods include lectures, practical sessions, group work, tutorials and workshops. In addition, substantial learning resources and support material are available online for home study.


  • Attend punctually and regularly
  • Work hard and complete all work within specified deadlines
  • Participate in class activity and discussions
  • Take responsibility for your own learning
  • Treat everyone with respect
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