We will give you the training you need to develop the artistic and business skills needed

As a florist you will use a variety of flowers and different types of medium to create formal displays for special occasions, such as weddings, marquees, corporate events and exhibitions.

Whether you wish to change career and become a professional florist, learn a new skill for pleasure, or add a creative touch to a special occasion, our courses will enable you to learn how to create beautiful designs.

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Part-time courses

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Courses we offer

Level 2 Study Programme

Floristry Intermediate Level 2 (find out more)

Level 3 Study Programme

Floristry Advanced Level 3 (find out more)

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Course Overview

Course Structure & Expectations

Course Structure
Your full-time Further Education course will consist of a study programme. This means that alongside your industry-recognised qualification, you’ll also study English and maths and improve your personal and employability skills. In short, your study programme will provide you with:

  • A nationally-recognised qualification
  • English and maths skills
  • Work experience
  • Personal development skills
  • Study skills
  • Employability skills
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